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It is a trait that nearly all captivating main characters possess. It’s a light inside that refuses to be snuffed out under any circumstance. It’s a willingness to hold on even when the very ground beneath you crumbles to dust. … Continue reading

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The manner in which emotion builds, shifts, and intensifies between characters can make or break a storyline.  The goal is to enrapture, to hold, and to physically make the heart beat a little bit faster as the mind interprets the … Continue reading

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In Pennsylvania where I live, spring is elusive this year. It teases for a day, then flutters away yet again. But subtle signs remain everywhere. Writing involves evoking all the senses, then melding them together as one. Wherever you are … Continue reading

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Words As Dreams

Writing fiction is like taking the essence of a dream and committing it to memory forevermore. When you put pen to paper, your thoughts, emotions, perceptions and desires cease to be ethereal and transition into something more tangible and permanent. … Continue reading

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