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Summer Girl – An award-winning romantic short-story

“I won a trip to Disney World for this light-hearted humorous romance – it’s from a very youthful point of view that you will surely enjoy. Without further ado… ¬†here is my favorite little short story… Summer Girl!“ ~ Jessica … Continue reading

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Golden Day

When I woke up this morning, the mountain outside my window was golden. This is a glorious element of spring in eastern Pennsylvania, but it is transient… a single day when the leaves of the forest trees begin to unfold … Continue reading

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The manner in which emotion builds, shifts, and intensifies between characters can make or break a storyline.¬† The goal is to enrapture, to hold, and to physically make the heart beat a little bit faster as the mind interprets the … Continue reading

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In Pennsylvania where I live, spring is elusive this year. It teases for a day, then flutters away yet again. But subtle signs remain everywhere. Writing involves evoking all the senses, then melding them together as one. Wherever you are … Continue reading

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