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Summer Girl – An award-winning romantic short-story

“I won a trip to Disney World for this light-hearted humorous romance – it’s from a very youthful point of view that you will surely enjoy. Without further ado…  here is my favorite little short story… Summer Girl!“ ~ Jessica … Continue reading

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The Art of Crafting a Character

Fellow author Luke Murphy and I agree wholeheartedly on this sentiment – character development is everything to the ultimate success of a novel.  And we are talking not only the evolution and structure of a character, but also in his or … Continue reading

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To Live or Die?

When I recently sat back and analyzed some of my own “author’s behavior,” it gave me…ummm… a bit of a chuckle. I had been crying, literally, with a pile of tissues, over the fate of a character I had created … Continue reading

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Manitowuk – Life Force

Through writing and observation, the spiritual lessons that can be absorbed are magnificent. The Lenni Lenape tribes of the East, as well as many other native peoples, believed that a piece of the divine creator was present within every aspect … Continue reading

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Savage Forest Editorial Review

I am excited to post my first professional editorial review of my debut novel, Savage Forest, written by published author Alexander Adams. “Savage Forest is a beautifully written novel about a love affair between a lovely Swedish maiden, Jenna Ulfsson, … Continue reading

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Spirit Within

What is a soul comprised of? It’s an age-old question, as we’ve always pondered the inner-force, or spirit, within ourselves as well as other forms of life. Last night I watched a dog dream. She yelped, barked, and shook wildly. … Continue reading

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The Making of a Man

Everyone has different desires. Different preferences, backgrounds, needs and wants, and perhaps even fetishes. We read fiction to imagine, and live vicarious lives. Day-to-day reality can be hum-drum (unless we spice it up a bit, which I highly recommend…) However, … Continue reading

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